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Accurate Monitor for Search Engines features:
   Checks free and paid listings
   Checks web ranking in all major search engines
   Exports results to CSV
   Searches using API
   Checks Google rankings through the Google API
   Checks Yahoo ranking through the Yahoo API
   Why using an API is important?
   Imports keywords from a file
   Keeps your notes
   Stores web ranking history reports
   Features a keyword filter
   Supports multilingual interface
   Monitors search engine keyword positions according to schedule
   Updates search engines online
   Supports two search methods
   Creates web ranking reports
   Shows not only URLs, but also titles and descriptions
   Suggests keyword combinations
   Works with over 250 search engines
   Completely supports Unicode
   Can work through a proxy

Site Content Analyzer 3 features:
   Discover the most relevant keywords for your business
   Work not only with single keywords, but also with keyword phrases
   Analyze websites of your competitors to learn their keywords
   Learn the keyword density
   Find out which pages are under-optimized
   Learn the weight of your keywords and phrases to know if they are relevant to your niche
   Investigate the links within your site
   Analyze online websites as well as offline pages
   Manage different profiles to adjust the analysis according to your needs
   Learn site-wide keyword value as easy as single page-wide
   Export any acquired info into CSV file for even deeper keyword research
   Create branded, highly customizable reports for your clients and send them by e-mail
   Discover the bottle-necks of your keyword strategy
   Work with pages in any language due to Unicode support
   Check any given keyword phrase for its value

AdWords Clever Wizard features:
   Shows the number of ads on Google and Overture
   Displays an approximate bid for a keyword (Google source)
   Obtains synonyms and supplemental keywords from Google
   Exports results to CSV
   Imports keywords from a file
   Supports international Google and Overture data centers
   Shows KEI and keyword ratio parameters
   Features a keyword filter
   Arranges keywords in a tree
   Works through a proxy
   Shows keyword searches info
   Suggests synonyms and related keywords
   Supports Unicode

Free Monitor for Google features:
   Imports keywords from a file
   Checks rankings on Google in two ways
   Supports international Google data cenetrs
   Supports multiple URLs
   Exports results to a CSV file
   Can check positions on Google using the Google API
   Why is using the Google API important?
   Supports Unicode
   Checks web ranking on Google
   Works through a proxy

BackLinks Master features:
   Discovers backlinks
   Detects JavaScript links
   Shows the anchor text of links
   Can arrange backlinks in a tree
   Uses three sources of backlinks: Google, Yahoo and MSN
   Exports results to CSV
   Can ignore certain links
   Finds backlinks in an absolutely legitimate, search-engine friendly way
   Can work through a proxy

SEO Altimeter features:
   Monitors Alexa Traffic Rank, Alexa Reach and Alexa Page Views parameters
   Measures Link Popularity and URL Popularity
   Shows website Saturation and the number of indexed pages
   Supports all major search engines to check Link Popularity and Saturation for
   Checks Google PageRank
   Checks parameters for a large number of URLs at once
   Imports a list of URLs from a text file
   Exports results to a CSV file
   Includes highly customizable tool for web ranking parameters comparison
   Shows if your site is included into web directories
   You can extract all pages from a site for further detailed analysis
   Works through a proxy
   Keeps detailed history
   Shows website IP address, determines cookies, saves thumbnail picture