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If you are looking to find out the number of backlinks pointing to your website, you need to conduct several tests. Backlink Check Tool will do this job for you. This is a free tool that you can use online. It can make additional tests as well: anchor test, page bank, flagging. Backlink Check saves your time and provides you with full information about the referral links from other websites that lead to your page.


Why is it so important to check your referents? Because backlinks from other webpages make your site more visible in Google. The more inbound links you get, the higher is your rank. But the quality of backlinks that you have is even more important than their quantity. All the major search systems track the backlinks quality. Online marketing agents who use "wholesale links" (very cheap referrals bought in large amounts) as their strategy, get penalties from Google and the likes of it. Therefore, wholesale backlinking can bring you more harm that way. The best way to get a high rank from Google is to use high quality links, even if you have a few of them.

Our free online version of Backlink Check Tool can show you in details, how your links work in terms of quality. If you look to the lower part of your Results screen and then to the left corner, you will see the total amount of your referrals. You can navigate through them page by page. What can you check there? Almost everything related to links: sources, exact pages where links are located, Google Ranks for these pages, anchor tests that were conducted to provide you with the description, flagging marks. So, if the link is potentially dangerous, or inactive, or just has low potential, you can see it right here, in the results table of Backlink Checker.

What is the recommended frequency of backlink check? We'd say, that it's better to make a complete audit once a year. If you have just opened your page and are only getting started, you can do it more frequently to see if everything works exactly as you planned. But you need to wait for the time to pass before you will be able to check your progress. With Backlink Checker you can see your most effective reference fields (blogs, social networks, comments and so on). And when you understand your strong points – use it to increase your traffic.