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Search engine positions of a website is a gauge of your SEO efforts. If your rankings go up - good for you, keep up the good work. If they fall down - try it harder. But obviously, checking the web rankings of your website manually is a tedious task and is 100% unproductive. Isn't it better to spend your time on writing a good copy or obtaining another back link? Yes it is!

Here is where Accurate Monitor for Search Engines becomes indispensable! With this SEO software tool you can track your current web rankings in all major search engines starting with the leaders: Google, Yahoo and Bing in more than 50 countries. You can see both the organic (free) and paid listings to keep an eye on your AdWords ads too. You can set Accurate Monitor for Search Engines to check your rankings on the schedule, so you only need to look at the report it creates. And it creates PDF, RTF and HTML branded reports which can be sent by e-mail with a click, if needed.


Keyword Position Tracking Tool

Accurate Monitor for Search Engines - Web ranking and positioning software (click to enlarge)

To add a bit more, Accurate Monitor for Search Engines supports just any language (due to the full Unicode support), shows snippets (not just URLs), includes a free keyword suggestion tool within, can work throuh a chain of proxies and is extremely friendly to search engines! Click here to explore the exciting features in detail

Accurate Monitor for Search Engines - SEO ranking software (click to enlarge)

System requirements: CPU 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Win 98/2K/XP/Vista/7, Internet access.

The trial version has the following limitations: What's New (version - August 10, 2011): Version history...

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We are sorry, this software product is discontinued and is not supported anymore.

1Important notice: Google does not support SOAP web search API anymore. This option is left for backward compatibility only.

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