BackLinks Master feature review

Shows the anchor text and type of backlinks

BackLinks Master not only monitors the status of backlinks, but also shows their anchor text and type:

Backlink checking software Main window - anchor text

There are 3 link types that BackLinks Master distinguishes between: Direct (directly in <A HREF=".."> tags), Redirect (using some kind of server script redirection) and Script (JavaScript links). Backlinks can be either text or image - this is also displayed in the main window.

To quickly see if backlinks have your target keywords in their anchor text, you can add your target keywords to the corresponding list in the Project Settings dialog box:

Backlink checking software

Project settings dialog box

In this case, they will be highlighted in blue.

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Current version:
Apr 4, 2007

Operating system:
Windows 98/2000/XP

1.26 Mb

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