Free Monitor for Google feature review

Working through the Google API

Free Monitor for Google offers two ways to perform Google queries: the default one and via the Google API.

The Google API is a legitimate way to check your web rankings in Google. In order to use Google API with Free Monitor for Google, you need first to get your Google authentication key using this link. Follow step N2 of the instructions on the screen to get your key and then type it in the correspinding text field in the Preferences window:

Enable Google authentication key
Type your Google authentication key in the Preferences window

The method works as follows:
After you type all your target keywords (or import them from an external file) and click the Search button, Free Monitor for Google will send a query to Google using its Google Web API and wait until the Google service returns the ranking report. Once it does, Free Monitor for Google proceeds with the next keyword and so on. The method has its advantages and disadvantages:

Important notice: Google does not support SOAP web search API anymore. This option is left for backward compatibility only.

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Current version:
Nov 21, 2012

Operating system:
Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista

1.45 Mb