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Google, Yahoo and MSN backlinks

There are 3 sources of backlinks you can choose from: Google, Yahoo and MSN:

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These three sources provide different sets of back-linking sites, so you may choose the one you trust more. Moreover, there are two possible ways to obtain backlinks from each source: for Google and MSN you can choose between using the "link:" operator and searching the URL of your website as text. The first way provides you with "official" backlinks, but has the following disadvantages: not all back-linking websites are shown and JavaScript links are not revealed. Searching for a URL brings more back-linking sites, but also may return some false results - websites that have no actual links to you, but simply have your URL as text somewhere in the body of their pages.

For the Yahoo source, you can choose the Yahoo SiteExplorer service to obtain backlinks or search for a URL. To use the SiteExplorer service, you need to get your Yahoo ID first here. Note that this is an absolutely legitimate way to obtain backlinks.

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