Mayan End of the World discounts

Special offer

December 21, 2012 - the day, when according to Mayan calendar, the End of the World will happen. We, at CleverStat do not beleive this is true, so we decided to give all our devoted users a special "end-of-days" discount for lifetime licenses of our products.

We offer exclusive, one day only 60% discount for the following products:

Well, if the world is really going to disappear in a huge cataclysm at December 21, you probably won't win too much from this discount. After all, who needs lifetime licenses if the world is going to die soon? But if nothing will happen (and we are sure nothing will) you'll end up with a whole bunch of lifetime licenses for SEO software at decent price!

So here is the coupon code you need: MAYA2012

Remember: it works for one day only - December 21, 2012.