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Link building is a crucial part of every SEO campaign. In today's world of total over-optimization and black hat techniques quality inbound links are still one of the main stable ranking factors that isn't devalued over time. High-quality links from trustworthy websites can literally sky-rocket your web rankings! Google really loves links from high-PR, long aged websites with tons of trust rank to share, and rewards websites linked from such sources with a significant boost in their search engine positions.

Link Package Details

In order to help you build your links, CleverStat is glad to offer you the link packages: the sets of quality links from different authoritative websites with PageRank 5. Here are the details: The package costs $200 per month, or in other words, as low as $20/month for a quality PR5 link! Note, this isn't a trash-link, like the link in a forum signature, nor this is a blog comment spam. Each website in a package was manually checked, so you can be sure that your link with the anchor text you chose is displayed on a quality website.

Order the Package of 10 PR5 links Now

Subscribe to the package of 10 links from 10 PR5 websites of exceptional quality now! You will receive all details by e-mail upon the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really get 10 different links from 10 different quality websites with PageRank 5?
A: Yes. The package works on the "one site - one link" basis. When you order a package of 10 links, each link is placed on a different website.

Q: Can I have different anchor texts as well?
A: Sure! You can set up the anchor texts as you need. You can even use different landing page URLs for each link, if you want to.

Q: Can I see the exact URL of websites where my links are to be placed?
A: We do not reveal the exact URLs in public, but if you want to see the actual URLs before placing an order you can email us at and we will e-mail you a sample of 3 URLs randomly selected of the entire set of websites, so you can evaluate their quality.

Q: Where exactly on a site my link will be placed?
A: Each link is placed on the homepage of a website from the package.

Q: Do you offer the same package of 10 website to everybody?
A: Absolutely no! Each customer gets its own package of 10 websites, non-overlaping with others. However, you should consider that the amount of link space on those websites is limited, so the sooner you purchase a package, the more chances that you won't end up waiting in a queue for an empty link slot.

Q: Why the price of the package is so low? Are there any hidden fees or something?
A: The price for the package is fixed: $200 per month for each package of 10 PR5 links. There are no any other fees or payments. Every next month you will be charged for $200 automatically unless you have cancelled your subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Q: Do you provide refunds?
A: If within some reasonable amount of time you didn't see the effect of the package, we can refund your order and remove your links from websites of your package as well.

Q: What payment methods are supported?
A: You can pay via PayPal. We also accept all major credit cards as well as direct PayPal payments.


Chris Bristios, US
...your offer is well-worth the price. I've got exactly what I needed - quality links from quality sites.

Sandra Holden, UK
I've purchased two link packs and two weeks later my rank has sky-rocketted! Wow, that's even better than I've expected, thanks!..

John Marshall, UK
I was to spent up to $2000 on link building, then I saw your offer and gave it a try. What to say? You have saved me $1200 and I still at the top! 20 PR5 links I have ordered from you really made the difference. Within 3 months my site ... has risen from 46th to 2nd and from around 50th to 3rd for two very competitive phrases! That's amazing!

Silvio Garcia, Spain
I used to spend thousands on buying links. Now I spend merely $200/month and get even better results. Really, your offer seems unrealistic from the very first sight, but it works, at least for me.

Gerhard Wolf, Germany
I find your service very proffessional and well-priced. The links helped me a lot, thank you.

Mary Smith-Young, Ireland
...We needed a boost, we have got it. Thanks to the link package you offer, we were able to beat #1 place within the first month! 2 months later we were occuping #1 for almost all target keywords and still were far from spending our planned budget in full. I beleive we have saved from 30 to 40% on link building with much more effective results

Sergey Patrikeev, Russia
Nice work guys! I penetrated the US market with my product website blazing-fast thanks to 20 PR5 links I bought from you. I am very satisfied and going to expand my order within next few weeks

Henry Carter, US
I am promoting [...].com , and as you see from the name this is a very competitive niche. Usual link building I always used before didn't work as I expected. I tried your offer and succeeded! Superb links on high-quality websites - this gas has driven my site to the top-3 virtually in a minute...

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