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SEO Is A Tough Matter

Learning SEO may be a tough task. The information is scattered across the Web, isn't systematized well and often is very contradictory. This fact may be very confusing for a beginner. If some SEO expert says "do this", while other SEO expert says "do not", a novice trying to understand what SEO is sometimes can't figure out who's right, who he should beleive, who is the real expert.

SEO Isn't a Straight Line

SEO isn't a straightforward movement. Search engine optimization is very contradictory in its nature, because it's not based on explicit formulas and algorithms. Search engines' algos are usually known merely in a general way, without technical details. This leads to a paradoxical conclusion: even the contradictory information sometimes may be correct! Plus, SEO experts usually are not eager to share their knowledge. The truth is: you have to learn everything yourself.

Discover Many Non-Obvious SEO Tricks

This SEO e-book helps you not being lost in the sea of thousands terms, techniques and strategies. All info in CleverStat SEO E-Book is split onto several sections, starting from the very basics to more advanced knowledge. The e-book covers many non-obvious matters, that many SEO beginners - and even PROs! - often miss. Just to name a few:
  1. What to start with? The book clearly tells what steps you should perform to succeed with on- and off- page optimization.
  2. What you shouldn't do ever! The most common mistakes and DONTs many webmasters still make.
  3. The e-book destroys many popular myths circulating among SEOs. Don't fall a victim to them!
  4. Working tactics and strategies PLUS strategies that many webmasters ignore thinking they aren't working.

Only Legitimate SEO - No Risk!

Many SEOs (and this is especially true for novices) simply can't distinguish legitimate SEO methods, the so called "white hat SEO", from non-legit techniques (AKA the "black hat SEO"), and thus often get themselves penalized, or simply cannot act effectively. In CleverStat SEO E-Book we sort all methods according to their safeness towards your website. We expose only legitimate and 100% working white hat SEO methods.

Start Thinking Like A Pro!

Perhaps you will be surprised, but professional SEOs do not think in terms of "backlinks", "keywords" or "popularity". They don't think of how to raise PageRank of a site, or increase its Alexa value etc. They don't focus on link building or writing content. The fact is: Pro-SEOs think differently. Of course, they also use all above mentioned variables when they work over some website. But they use absolutely different pivot that literally turns the entire SEO approach upside-down! Surely, you can do your SEO-job without that. But you'll never unleash the full power of your SEO skills, and you'll never reach the extreme effectiveness in SEO without learning how Pro-SEOs think.

Actually, there are no top secrets here. The approach is rather obvious, but surprisingly many webmasters keep doing the same mistakes over and over. Don't be one of them, start thinking like a pro!

Reveal Working SEO Strategies, Explained

In CleverStat SEO Ebook you will not only learn what works and what doesn't in modern world of SEO. You will also find step-by-step strategies for on-page and off-page optimization that provide the best results. And, since SEO is very dynamic industry, you won't find universal solutions there. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow and vice versa.

Instead of offering a silver bullet to all and every situation, which is impossible, this e-book explains the basis and the most general underlaying principles of SEO. Knowing these basic laws, you will be able to adopt your strategy to any situation, regardless of the current trends, applied filters and new algorithms of search engines. This approach provides much more versatility - if you know how the mechanism works, you can adjust it to new conditions if necessary.

Your Final Step to SEO Success

Summarizing all said above, CleverStat SEO Tutorial E-book is an ultimate source of crucial information and a great start for your future SEO success. Order now for as low as $149  $99   $37!

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