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Work not only with single keywords, but also with keyword phrases

With Site Content Analyzer 3 you can work not only with single keywords, but also analyze keyword phrases (i.e. keyphrases). This feature is very important, because real-world searchers rarely query one-word search terms, instead they type in keyword phrases with two, three or even more words.

Fortunately, with Site Content Analyzer 3 you can estimate how your site goes with the phrases, not only keywords.

Site Content Analyzer 3 - keyword phrases suggestion software, website keywords optimization
Results - keyphrases mode

Site Content Analyzer 3 performs a deep analysis of a given page (or entire website) and suggests the most relevant keyphrases according to the theme of a site. The keyword construction engine used in Site Content Analyzer considers the weight of each keyword in a phrase, their relative position and the distance between them. It combines keywords together according to the natural rules of sentence construction and shows the most weighty results to you. Of course, this process is automatic and the software got no ability to actually read keywords or suggested phrases. This in particular means that you may sometimes see a number of unnecessary phrases among the good ones.

To remove the unnecessary phrases, you can apply the phrase filter. Moreover, if you miss some important keyphrase you are sure to present on your website, you can add it yourself as a custom keyword phrase. Site Content Analyzer will calculate its weight and density and add it to the list.

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