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Learn the weight of keywords and phrases to know if they are relevant to your niche

Weight is a measure of keyword and phrase importance, that is - its value to the page. If a keyword or a phrase is included into headings or a title of page, its weight increases. The higher the weight is, the more important that keyword appears to search engines.

In Site Content Analyzer 3 you can estimate the weight of each keyword by means of the weight mode:

Site Content Analyzer 3 - keyword weight analysis & optimization software
Results - keyword weight and density mode

This mode shows the total count of each keyword, its weight and keyword desnity. The weight is calculated according to each particular occurence of a keyword on a page. Every new occurence of a keyword adds some part to its total weight. Obviously, the more important a tag is (from the SEO point), the more weight it adds to keywords enclosed in it.

Site Content Analyzer 3 - learn keywords and keyphrases relevant to your niche
Results - keyphrases mode

The same way a phrase weight is assigned. Keyphrases are built from keywords, so the higher the weight of the keywords that build a phrase is, the higher is the weight of a keyphrase in total. Additionally, Site Content Analyzer takes into consideration not only the keywords by themselves, but also their relative position (direct or reversed order) and the distance between them. All of these affect the average weight of a keyword phrase (or simply keyphrase).

So with Site Content Analyzer 3 you can overview your pages and determine which keywords and phrases seem to be the most weighty (and thus relevant to search engines), then compare this info with your expectations according to your vision of your site's theme and niche, and make changes if necessary.

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