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Learn keyword density

Keyword density has been one of the crucial SEO factors for years. Nowadays, however, it doesn't seem to be as important as it used to be, nevertheless it still needs your attention. What is keyword density? It is a relative value calculated as follows:

Density = Count / Total * 100%

Where Count is how many times a keyword meets on a page, while Total is the total number of keywords. That is, the value shows what percent of total keywords a given keyword has. For instance, if a keyword meets 6 times on a page and there are 100 keyword in total on that page, the denisty is 6%.

Another important value is the denisty in tags. It is calculated the same way as shown above, but the Count is considered as how many times a keyword meets in that particular tag.

With Site Content Analyzer 3 you are able to analyze that important parameter as easy as say "keyword density". Take a look at the below figure (click to enlarge):

Site Content Analyzer 3 - keyword phrases suggestion software, website keywords optimization
Results - keywords mode

As you can see Site Content Analyzer 3 shows the total number of keywords in total and also in each particular tag and also a density values (shown in the brackets). Keyword density values from 1% to 12% are usually considered as good, however you should understand that this parameter highly depends on the total volume of a page. That is, if a page is small, its "good" keyword desnity value should be higher - 6-10%, while for the long content rich pages 2-5% is good enough, otherwise search engines may consider you efforts as spam and ban your site from the index.

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