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Niche Lich is a niche locator software product is to be released in 2011 by CleverStat. Niche Lich helps you find most profitable niches or market segments not overwhelmed with fat, strong competitors yet. Learn more about micro-niche marketing...

Nich Lich - Niche Finder software

The process looks as follows:

  1. Basing on the initial information provided to the program, it finds the number and the power of existing competitors;
  2. Then Nich Lich checks all vital parameters of exisitng competition, including PageRank, Link Popularity and other signs;
  3. Finally, Niche Lich calculates a universal difficulty score for each competitor and each particular keyword; that allows you to quickly estimate if a niche is worth penetrating and how difficult it would be.
Niche Lich - niche finder software tool

Here are main Niche Lich features:

Submit for beta-testing Niche Lich now! Note, not only you will be the first who will get this exciting instrument (and thus the first to find the hottest niches), but you will also get extraordinary 50% discount on purchasing the full-featured program when it will be released in 2011!

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