AdWords Clever Wizard


AdWords Clever Wizard is distributed as try-before-buy software. You may use it 30 days for evaluation purposes free of charge. You must register it after the 30-day trial period. If you decide not to register AdWords Clever Wizard after evaluating it for 30 days, you must remove the software from your computer and cease to use it.

You can buy AdWords Clever Wizard by filling out the online purchase form. Payment methods include credit card, wire transfer, PayPal. You can also buy it using fax Order, postal mail, phone or purchase order.

You will get your registration key by e-mail within next 12 hours (usually less) after the order is complete, but no more than 24 hours in total. If you didn't receive the key within that period - please contact us.

We are sorry, this software product is discontinued and is not supported anymore.

Instead, we suggest you to take a look at our other products: Accurate Monitor for Search Engines and SEO Altimeter

Personal license

This license type is often purchased by webmasters or site admins planning to analyze PPC trends for their personal websites. It has a limitation of 100 keywords per project.

$59 $39 per license
Not available.
Business license

This license type is prefered by SEO specialists doing PPC research for their clients or involved in SEM business.

$99 $69 per license Not available.
Upgrade from Personal to Business

Use this to upgrade your license type.
$40 per license Not available.

Volume discounts
Number of licenses Cost per license
Personal Business
1 $39 $69
2-5 $37 $65
6-10 $35 $62
11-20 $33 $58
21-50 $31 $55
51-100 $29 $51
101+ $27 $48
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Current version:
Aug 2, 2008

Operating system:
Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista

1.7 Mb

Download N/A
Registration costs

Personal license:
$39 N/A

Business license:
$69 N/A