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About XML Sitemap Generator

We invite you to the XML Sitemap Generator from company CleverStat. This tool will create XML website map an easier indexing your site for search engines. Next, we will present how you can use this tool to create a website map:

  1. Enter the URL of your site, then mark the parameters
  2. Next, click "Generate Sitemap" and on the newly created XML Sitemap, you will be forwarded in a few seconds
  3. When you click "Save as XML file", download the site map and upload it to the main domain folder of your site
  4. In the Google Webmasters Tools open toolbar, add a Sitemap.xml file URL

In this Sitemap XML file, the site map is much easier for search scanners, which makes it much easier to index and view the most extensive structure of your site. Along with other tools that are also free, which can allow you to index only about 500 pages in a Sitemap, the Sitemap XML generator can process up to 5,000 pages.

Having created the XML-file in a fairly simple format, we embodied the idea, which was pursued by many web masters. For this, there is no need for any additional coding skills. Simply enter the full URL of your site and select the most appropriate options, then you can leave the tool to create a specific Sitemap for your site.