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Word Counter is presented as a free tool when counting characters and words. You just need to insert your written article into the field and press the enter button. This will take less than a second and our Word counter will give you the results by which you can find out the number of words and symbols in the text.

This tool is very valuable for those users who work in the field of online activities. At the moment, all search engines choose quality and volume content, so this tool will help you calculate the volume of words in the text after it is written. If you need to control the compliance of your article with the requirements set for your author by the minimum or the maximum number of characters in the text, you can use our Word counter.
This counter of the words by CleverStat is simply irreplaceable, in case you need to check the number of characters in an article written in another language. Our professional developers have provided this online tool compatible with any language. In whatever language your article was written-in English, German, Spanish, Bengali or Hindi, our tool will provide you with data on the number of words and signs in seconds!
Unlike a huge number of other free tools that provide services with restrictions, our tool is free with out restriction and you do not need any registration. For the greater value of our tool, we work around the clock and so Word Counter works without difficulties on any device and in any browser.