About Us


About Us

01/01/2011 12:00 AM

Absolutely for all websites, search optimization is now the most important element. Without proper optimization, tangible results for the development of your business on the Internet you can not achieve. Everyone who owns his own website absolutely needs the tools of the SEO, even if you are a professional or if you are a beginner. It's not easy to be the owner of a professional website! You need to focus on many aspects if you want to get an excellent display from search engines. And at this point, everyone is asking themselves about free SEO tools for perfect website optimization. On CleverStat you will find everything you need!    

Our first-class specialists worked around the clock in order to provide SEO services for webmasters qualitatively and free of charge. To ensure that the site owner does not experience difficulties in optimizing and ranking the site for search systems, every necessary tool is included in our network. The most interesting fact on our online SEO portal is that here you will not need any additional registrations and subscriptions. We give a 100% guarantee that all our tools will give you only the most accurate information and results, while absolutely free and for an unlimited period.

CleverStat is created by certified SEO developers with a predominant purpose in order to help owners of those sites whose budget is not very large. We provide the most professional and properly tested tools of SEO to ensure that your websites are as accurate as possible. Very quickly and effortlessly you can manage several tasks of the SEO at once if you use these free tools. No additional membership or premium subscriptions are absolutely necessary to you when using our tools, our CleverStat website is absolutely free! A huge amount of experiments and research was needed by the expert staff of the CleverStat site, but thanks to this, the site has a number of advantages over others. This is the main reason for using our tools by thousands of users regularly, fully trusting us and relying on our services for 1000%.

     You ask, can I use these tools without any training, without any special knowledge? Oh sure! Even if you have never used the tools of SEO and you are new to this business, our recommendation for you is to read the detailed instructions provided to each SEO tool and nothing more. You will not have any difficulties in analyzing and using the results, thanks to the fact that our tools are very easy and convenient for the user and the reports are generated in the form of neat charts. Both an expert and a novice can easily manage SEO when optimizing their site by simply using our simple interfaces and a convenient panel.