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About CSS Minify

A new technology of codes minifying, CSS Minify allows you to reduce code size on your website. Why is having shorter and prettier codes so important? Why are there so many tools what help web-designer to minify his code? Why can you want to combine all your CSS in one file?

The answer is very simple: for the sake of your visitors. The shorter is your code, the faster your site’s information gets to the audience.

Many of modern search systems care about navigation comfort for their users. This is why they calculate your website’s rank and decide whether your page is relevant, based on code to text ratio. When it’s high, so are your chance to be ranked higher in search results.

Online CSS Minify is designed to assist you with minification and GZIPping of your .css and .js codes. These methods have significant differences, and it’s up to you to decide, which one to choose.

Minification is working with your code as a good editor: it removes spaces, minimizes comments, erases useless semicolons and cuts off hex code. All this reduces the size of your initial file significantly. Your code gets easier to read by your visitor’s browser.

GZIPping finds repetitive strings in your code and replaces them, putting pointers in the beginning of each. Some servers GZIP automatically, if their configuration allows it. But for those who have no access to these servers – your GZIPping with CSS compressor will be very useful.

Never forget about your website’s usability. Optimizing it for your visitors does not require additional investments: you can use free online tools, such as CSS Minify. Since the speed of your website is a very important criterion for search engines, you need to work on it. Speed your website up, reducing all your CSS scripts, filtering out the unnecessary information from them.

Additional benefit of CSS minification with CSS Minify free online tool: your site gets more usable, but your code, on the contrary, gets harder to read and copy. You can protect your CSS code from stealing or reverse engineering, cyphering it with CSS Minify.