Adsense Calculator

Adsense Calculator

About Adsense Calculator

Check how much your online resource is able to earn for you, using our free online Adsense Calculator.

This tool allows you to calculate existing and/or future earnings of your website. 

While setting the instrument up, you need to enter several parameters: your Daily Page impressions, Page Click Through Rate percentage (“CTR in %”) and Cost per click (CPC).

  • Daily Page Impressions criterion represents the number of ads shown on any page of your website (blog).
  • CTR is easy to check on stats page. This criterion shows how many visitors clicked on the ads they saw.
  • Cost per click is the monetary amount that you receive for each click. CPC is the proportion between your revenue in total and the number of clicks.

In our online tool you can receive your statistics every day, week, or month. Click “Check” and stay in with the work of your website.